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The Woman (2011)

Raised by wolves, the vulnerable last survivor of a cannibalistic tribe bathes wounded in a river somewhere in the lush woods of Northeast Coast, where she used to roam free. In the eyes of misogynistic lawyer Chris, the naked beast-like savage seems to be the perfect trophy for his home; however, is there a place for a feral, flesh-eating primitive among civilized people? In the following days, bent on domesticating the untamed female by breaking her will, the sadistic man will make the woman his project, as Chris’ dysfunctional family struggles to keep the proud predator in captivity. But very soon, no restraints, no training–and, certainly, no male supremacy–will be able to match the raging woman’s raw, merciless retaliation. Can they escape from the monster’s fury? ??Nick RiganasAwards: 12 wins & 4 nominationsWorldwide Gross: $1,449Lucky McKeePollyanna McIntosh, Brandon Gerald Fuller, Lauren Ashley Carter2011-08-18 (United States)tt1714208

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Genre: Horror

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