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Ocean Flame (Yi ban hai shui, yi ban huo yan) (2008)

Wong Yiu was a very shameless person and a blackmailer until one day he met a waitress named Ni Chen. He thought Ni Chen was like any other girls that could be controlled by him, but her stubbornness was way beyond his imagination. As time goes by, they both lost their ways and losing themselves in the process. He was not as free as he once was. Insanity causes him to end her life. Eight years later, Wong Yiu stepped out from the jail. He carried a gun and went to look for Ni Chen’s mother at her home wishing to fulfill his own will. ??Cannes Film FestivalAwards: 7 nominationsWorldwide Gross: $84,705Soundtrack: Proverbs of Love (Music by Ta-Yu Lo)Fendou LiuFan Liao, Monica Siu-Kei Mok, Yitian Hai2008-09-11 (Hong Kong)tt1232825

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