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Gamer (2009)

Ken Castle is extremely rich, popular, and powerful since he invented and started exploiting the virtual online parallel reality games. In these games, people can either pay to be a user or get paid to be an ‘actor’ in a system of mind-control. In the ultimate version, Slayers, death row convicts act as gladiators in a desperate dim bid for survival, which no one has achieved yet. The champion, John ‘Kable’ Tillman, is scheduled to die just before he’d gain release, but he persuades his teenage ‘handler’ to hand over the reins so he can fully use his talents and experience. Kable escapes to freedom, but Castle’s men chase him. Kable has to fight his way back to Castle’s headquarters to challenge his hidden evil plans. —KGF VissersAwards: 1 winBudget: $50,000,000 (estimated)Worldwide Gross: $40,828,540Soundtrack: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart (as David Allan Stewart))Mark Neveldine, Brian TaylorGerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Ludacris2009-09-04 (United States)tt1034032

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