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Dog × Police: The K-9 Force (Dog × Police: Junpaku no kizuna) (2011)

Hayakawa is a loose cannon as a cop, much to the annoyance of his department. One day after chasing a fleeing suspect who collides with a hurrying doctor during the arrest, Hayakawa helps the doctor to a patient about to deliver, only to find out it’s a dog. The runt of litter is stillborn, but Hayakawa coaxes the little albino puppy back to life. Several months later Hayakawa is surprised by a transfer to the K-9 division, which he sees as punishment until the dog he’s assigned turns out to be the German Shepard he once saved.Worldwide Gross: $8,976,044Gô ShichitakaHayato Ichihara, Erika Toda, Shin’nosuke Abe2011-10-01 (Japan)tt1833676

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