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Bikers Kental (2013)

Bikers Kental is a comic tale of a man named Bidin Al Zaifa who embarks on a road-trip to Thailand with a biker gang, without any idea of what he is in for. A superbike enthusiast, Bidin manages to buy his dream bike after stumbling across a bag of money in a dead man’s car. He is allowed into the biker gang that he had been trying so hard to impress, and joins them on a biker-trio to a famous motorcycling event in Thailand. The journey is replete with comic events as the inexperienced Bidin, having never been on a long distance biking trip, begins to struggle with keeping up. He comes up with various excuses to prolong their rest-stops, and when he meets the beautiful Saiya at a humble restaurant, Bidin digs deep into his bag of tricks and tactics to lengthen their stay there. his motives are realized by the rest of the group and Bidin is given two conditions to redeem himself; to get to the event in Thailand unaccompanied and with only a few clues written on the back of his hand; and to get the girl. Bidin’s desperation creates a succession of comic errors and mishaps that he is made to get around. he seems to be failing at the attempts to win over Saiya’s heart, and as the hours past and sunshine and rain tear through the days, the ink on his hand begins to wash away. He has a biker-gang to please, a woman’s heart to win, and above all a much-desired ‘most creative superbike design” competition to get to. He musters up every ounce of energy and determination and powers through on his beloved machine. ??anonymousHelmi YusofZizan Razak, Awie, Julangtip Sukkasem2013-05-23 (Malaysia)tt3045742

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Genre: Comedy, Romance

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